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Diversity in the workplace is a hot topic. Unitive and partner Moveo Global try to reframe the conversations and programs towards inclusion over diversity….as that is what it should be….more inclusive, less distinguishing through separation.

Often the discourse relates to gender, ethnicity and physical disability. Not often does the conversation or workplace programs focus on Neuro-inclusion. As Odgers-Berndtson (Specialist recruitment firm) partner Jane Griffiths describes, “neurodivergent individuals can offer new ways of thinking to organisations looking for creative problem-solvers.”…Yes I know we differ in terminology – Inclusive vs divergent, but here the distinction is important when making considerations beyond the normal or typical purview. 

An example from Jane – “People on the autism spectrum, are often very intelligent and are able to process data and see patterns. They have a great work ethic and the ability to focus when accommodations are made,” Often the changes required to adapt the workplace to incorporate this talent can be minor for the benefits and outcomes.

Unitive have seen this approach work well at our client DXC. The Dandelion program has seen large gains both culturally and commercially since it’s implementation and is a good example of neuro-inclusion. Check out their program here.

We don’t profess to be the experts on Equality and Inclusion research, but what we do do well is bring the best of that research and thinking in to creating safe spaces for leadership teams and organisations to explore and hack towards new ways of thinking, operating and conscious organisational change. Reach out to understand further how we can assist you on this journey!

Joe Ringer

Unitive – Founder & Managing Director

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