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Learn the recipes for sustainable change

Change Chef is a professional development lab for individuals and teams to learn the full stack of organisational change. It is fresh, organic change for a new era. As a current or aspiring leader, you will learn how to lead Change that is sustainable for organisations, communities, individuals and our planet. This Lab takes a Multi-disciplinary approach. Our collaborative dialogue and learning helps us re-imagine change at this inflection point we are at in history and together take proactive steps into shared futures that we co-create.

This introductory course sets the foundations for understanding and working with organisational change.

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Get recognised globally

Unitive Education certifications are recognised and can be verified worldwide. Each Unitive course comes with a digitally signed badge that cannot be faked or duplicated thanks to third-party verification powered by Credly platform, a global leader in digital certification and validation. You can proudly feature the badge on your CV, your LinkedIn or on your personal blog/website and each visitor will be able to verify it with one click.

Discover Jobs. Be Discoverable

Unitive Education offers badge earners labor market insights, directly connected to the skills represented by badges. As part of the Change Chef alumni, you’ll be able to view the following real-time insights from job requisitions:

  • Top locations that are hiring for a particular skill
  • Top job titles
  • Top employers
  • Top job functions
  • Related certifications and skills
  • Salary ranges associated with those jobs

Additionally, as part of our monthly newsletter, we will be sharing hand-picked jobs at top partner organisations who have worked with Unitive Consulting in the past and are currently looking for certified Change Practitioners endorsed by a reputable institute. This can boost your employability and can help you crack opportunities you previously thought were not a possibility for you.