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At Unitive Education we understand that education is not just about completing a course or ticking off acquiring some new knowledge. Having experienced guides always helps, but more than that, it’s about building that confidence and trust in yourself.

Deep learning is a personal journey, that takes you from acquiring new knowledge, skills and mindsets to integrating those into your everyday work. To be truly successful, you have to believe in human potential, and be willing to challenge your own ideas.

You have to be open to change!

At Unitive Education, you will find the essence of our combined years of experience & expertise brought together to create highly effective & practical Change Leadership education programs. What’s even better, these courses are equally suited to the aspiring individual as well as for organisations at large.

Our individually tailored coaching programs have assisted executives navigate and transition their careers, lead their teams more authentically and drive transformation with integrity. We have helped boards, executives and business owners define their strategy, launch new offerings and lead through conflict.

Unitive Education also partners with other leading education providers to offer in-person, virtual and online training in Leadership Development, Management Skill, Coaching & Business Acumen.

Unitive + RMIT Online

Unitive Education is proud to be affiliated with RMIT, a leading global university of technology, design and enterprise based in Melbourne, Australia. RMIT is in the Top 20 globally for universities under 50 years old.

At Unitive Education we are focussed on changing the way organisational change is conceptualised, planned and executed. We recognise that there are many complementary domains and skills required for professional and organisational success in this century, that is why we specifically chose to partner with RMIT for our students to access ongoing learning and career development.

You can check out their short courses here and RMIT microcredentials that use the same Credly Digital Credentialing program as Unitive Education.
Invest in yourself – then you have a platform for long term change and growth!

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We are constantly changing

We always say that learning, education and change starts with you. And we constantly reflect on this ourselves as an institution. Born in response to huge global and organisational shifts due to COVID-19 pandemic, our first 100% online program condenses over 50 years of collective Change Leadership expertise into a highly accessible certification called Change Chef®.

Developed with inputs & insights from RMIT University & multiple other industry partners, Change Chef® certification is a highly structured and effective learning framework which will give you the roadmap to a successful organisational transformation.

This certification is digitally credentialed which is independently verifiable, and has been specifically designed for university and college leavers entering the workforce. Its also ideally suited to busy professionals who are already dealing with the stress of a rapidly evolving business environment. Every module is as lean and to-the-point as possible to ensure that you get maximum value out of your time investment.

Our strategies will help you shine as an authentic and high performing leader in your organisation and help implement sustainable change efforts.

Here are some of the many benefits:

  • Cost effective – what we have packaged up often is sold for $5000 or more

  • Lean but accessible format that provides key learning without the waffle 

  • Self paced but with a community to keep you accountable 

  • Tools and coaching that help you apply learning in the real world and the new emerging world of organisations

  • Support to become a leader regardless of position, title or tenure

  • Learn the full suite of change tools, the recipes for change and when to use them

Our Top Courses

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01 – Foundations of Change

Change Chef is a professional development lab for individuals & teams to learn the full stack of organisational change. As a current or aspiring leader, you will learn how to lead Change that is sustainable for organisations, communities, individuals and our planet.

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02 – Change Practitioner

Expanding on the pre-requisite Change Chef foundations course, the practitioner course takes a deep dive in to all the common and not so common organisational change frameworks, methodologies and models as well as providing tools for more complex change scenarios.

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03 – Change Leader

Expanding on the pre-requisite Change Chef foundations & practitioner courses, the leader course teaches the leadership competencies for directly leading teams to impact complex change scenarios.

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