Change Chef® Scholarship

What is Change Chef Scholarship?

Change Chef program was created with the vision to help thousands of professionals adapt to the rapidly evolving world around them, and then lead change within their respective organisations. Our mission is to make change less intimidating, and create leaders within each organization who can lend a steady hand in these uncertain times and help navigate the muddy waters of digital/industrial revolution in 2021.

But cost is often a roadblock, preventing people from taking that next step towards becoming a dependable leader. At Unitive, we want to give transformative opportunities to people working towards a common goal regardless of whether they can afford to pay for the necessary tools or not. Hence, Change Chef Scholarship program was born!

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Who should apply for Change Chef Scholarship?

If any of the following options sounds like you, you should apply:

  • You are a young professional who wants to create impact and value through your career
  • You are empathetic, and can relate to others viewpoint without having to abandon your own beliefs or feeling conflicted about differing opinions
  • You are committed, and are willing to put in the effort to achieve results.

Who qualifies for the Scholarship?

Change Chef Scholarship is designed for people who can’t afford to pay money for the education but are willing to create value in exchange for it. Now be mindful that this is not meant to be something that you take up casually and abandon half-way. There’s a limited number of scholarships available and if you cannot commit the required time & effort to complete the course, then you should let someone more deserving take up the seat. You must understand that considering the time commitment, it may actually be cheaper to pay for the course instead.

Qualifying for the scholarship has a very specific criteria, and it’s not meant to be for everyone. So you must meet most if not all of the following criteria to qualify:

  • You want to have a career in Change Management and become a practicing Change Leader for any organization that may employ your services.
  • You are a self-motivated and disciplined person, and you always finish your tasks.
  • Your instinct is to help pull others up to your level, rather than trying to compete and beat others at things.
  • You enjoy writing and sharing your knowledge with others.
  • You are not currently part of an active subscription at Unitive Education.
  • You are unable to afford the various pricing options for Change Chef – Foundations of Change.

How to complete the Change Chef Scholarship?

If you qualify for the Change Chef Scholarship, you will be given access to Change Chef – Foundations of Change course for a total of 6 weeks. Every week, you will be given access to a new module of the course containing videos, reading materials, and other supporting content. You are expected to watch & read these materials during this week, and then write a minimum 750-word article about what you have learned, and how one can apply these learnings in a real-world scenario.

You will be required to complete the said article and then publish it on a public blog of your choice (Medium, WordPress, LinkedIn Article, Tumblr, personal blog etc.). You have complete creative freedom over the content of each article but you must keep the subject matter focused on what you have learnt through Change Chef course and how you imagine it can be applied in business world.

You will submit the link to this published article via email to Unitive Education team before the end of every week. This is an essential, non-negotiable requirement of this scholarship and each submission will be reviewed to ensure that you are adhering to the above requirements.

If you fail to submit an article by Sunday midnight of the given week, you will be given a warning. Failure to submit the late article by the end of next week will result in immediate cancellation of your scholarship, and you will lose access to your Unitive account.

These 6 blog posts are your payment for the Change Chef certification. This whole framework is designed to ensure that you get the maximum value out of this opportunity while also sharing that value forward with the rest of the world.

If you believe you fulfill the above critera and are ready to apply for the scholarship, please click the button below:

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