Facilitation saves you time, money or hassle. It is all about getting a better result that has a higher probability of taking your business plan to the next level!

Early involvement of a neutral facilitator helps to accelerate group and organisational outcomes

A neutral context and industry aware facilitator accelerates planning by:

  • Helping to accelerate collaborative outcomes and provide a forum for constructively resolving conflicts and clarifying issues (creating a safe, non-threatening environment for open discussion)

  • Focussing on the outcomes when management, account leaders or SME’s proximity to the subject matter makes it difficult to be objective and remain open to whitespace opportunities and ideas; Builds innovation and problem-solving skills

  • Helping the group accomplish more in less time, eliminating the need for multiple meetings, and generating forward momentum on the issues under discussion

  • Providing third-party objective leadership/consulting to help clearly define issues, break down complex issues and work towards outcomes without bias

  • Managing the ideation, planning and meeting process, focus on key issues & time

  • Encouraging people to think and act for the overall benefit of the organisation

  • Driving quality – higher-quality decisions normally result. Stronger action plans that have buy-in across the business

  • Overcoming negative attitudes, low morale, low involvement. Withholding of information is less likely because everyone is involved in a joint process

  • Cultivating a commitment and accountability of the group to follow-up on the action plan – Increased participation within the group increases productivity.

  • Helping to “visualise” what can be in the future by creating a unified vision – Everyone involved has a chance to contribute and feels they are co-creators and an integral part of the account planning.