Re-Architect your way of selling – Align Sales Performance with Client Buying

Sales Performance: As the markets evolve with digital advancements, buyers are becoming increasingly aware. Our team of professionals has the skills and knowledge that can guide your sales team close more deals in this ever-evolving world. In addition, we partner with Directional and multiple other leading providers in this industry to deliver cutting edge strategies & knowledge from your vertical.

The Unitive Value Based Sales Cycle

Unitive Sales Cycle



At Unitive, our exposure to complex B2B sales challenges gives us an insight into how we can stimulate your sales metrics to ensure a positive ROI. For a clear and more focused approach, we identify what is working and what needs improvement.

Sales Planning

Over the years, we have successfully facilitated the development of Go-To-Market sales strategies in different regions, verticals and product lines. We have refined the strategies to make sales planning and the buying process easier. We have led significant account and opportunity shaping as well as planning engagements for a wide range of businesses.


Sales Process 

Most organizations have some form of sales processes and approaches, varying in sophistication. However, most sales reps consider the process an inhibitor. At Unitive, we customize your sales process to make it work for your team. We move sales forward, build client commitments, and help you be distinguished from the rest.


Sales Assessment

Unitive has assessed and evaluated hundreds of sales reps and managers through recruitment and existing staff development initiatives. We have a clear understanding of the sales assessment industry and know which solutions fit certain industries, teams and businesses. Are you considering an assessment survey, and assessment centre, field observation? Talk to us today!

Sales Leadership & Coaching

We coach sales managers and sales reps for tangible improvements in performance. We understand clearly that a great sales rep does not enable that person to become a great sales manager – it is a totally different competency set. While Millions are poured in to developing reps, little development is often given to the profession of sales management. We understand the exponential impact a great sales manager can have on even a mediocre sales team. We train Sales Managers on how to recruit, induct, coach and increase the performance of your sales teams.

Sales Training

Unitive has trained thousands of sales reps and consultants in complex B2B sales and consulting. Our sales training solutions can be delivered in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and around the world. We are passionate about making investments in training achieve ROI, if it can’t be achieved we won’t recommend it!

Sales Performance Accelerator

A Sales Performance Accelerator goes beyond teaching a sales curriculum. It is a personal growth program, which helps every individual confront their unique challenges and grow professionally.

We offer a membership program that would help you sell more and sell faster. With two meetings a month for two hours with a professional facilitator on board, you can provide a part training and part personal accountability approach for your team. The interactive sessions involve having a focused discussion, better accountability check-in, problem brainstorming. The sessions wrap up with the goals and commitments that one must complete before the next session. Download PDF

Sales Offerings Catalog

Mode/Type: Consulting


  • Assess & Diagnose sales transformation requirements and priorities
  • Develop development strategy and investment plan

Mode/Type: Consulting / Packaged Service


  • Research & prioritise target markets – Whitespace analysis
  • Market & Territory planning – Heat Map Analysis, Targets & Execution

Mode/Type:  Packaged Service


  • Research target clients/accounts – Whitespace analysis
  • Opportunity prioritisation, investment, relationship mapping

Mode/Type:  Packaged Service / Bespoke Facilitation


  • Compelling Event, Value Proposition, Stakeholders, Qualification, Win Themes, Strategy

Mode/Type:  Consulting/Bespoke Facilitation


  • Large pursuit 3rd party facilitated agile sales support over the bid lifecycle – Customer aligned/engaged procurement models

Mode/Type:  Consulting/Services/Software


  • Customised stand alone or integrated CRM (SFDC, Dynamics, Siebel + Others) sales methodology and planning solution for key account, opportunity and relationship map planning

Mode/Type: Consulting/Assessment


  • Customised Sales manager assessment assessment, development and coaching based on best practice frameworks

Mode/Type: Assessment / Workshops


  • Sales talent assessment portal – Customised from library of over 400+ best practice sales roles scorecard

Mode/Type:  Training / Workshop


  • Understand and learn the fundamental skills of questioning, diagnosing and selling in a consultative way

Mode/Type:  Training / Workshop


  • Use a value based selling methodology to consistently improve sales engagements, customer experience and win more business

Mode/Type:  Training / Workshop


    • Critical skills for getting to Yes in your negotiations

Mode/Type:  Training / Simulation


  • Simulate the movement of funds in, through and out of the business – learn key skills in understanding P&L & Balance Sheet