Go Beyond Equality or Compliance Measures

We follow this formula:

Demographic Diversity + Diversity of Thinking x Genuine Inclusion = New Growth Frontiers

At Unitive, Equity and Inclusion Consulting are all about honest storytelling, conversations, listening, and creative imagination (ideation). These are important for moving beyond the limitations of CSR metrics and programs. When you work with us, we engage and involve your entire team. We know that early involvement of stakeholders and their input to help execute strategies influences the effectiveness of implementing a change.

According to research, diversity leads to creativity, and this enhances innovation by as much as 20%. It also makes spotting risks easier and helps reduce them by as much as 30%. Moreover, diversity and creativity lead to the easier implementation of decisions, giving rise to more buy-in and trust. (Source – Deloitte Insights)

Equality & Inclusion Offerings

Mode/Type: Consulting/Workshop


We work with the leadership of your organisation to explore the organisational DNA (Purpose & Culture) deeply. This helps us implement practical strategies.


Mode/Type: Consulting / Workshop / Offsite


  • We brainstorm innovative solutions and answers previously not considered. In an inclusion context, we explore the commercial value of diversity & inclusion.

Mode/Type:  Consulting / Workshop / Offsite


  • We answer queries like “What”, “Why”, and “How” to design the right programs and strategies that advance your organizational culture and objectives.

Mode/Type:  Consulting / Workshop


  • Determine an effective implementation timeline, with realistic leading and lagging indicators of progress and success – Finalise Strategy 

Mode/Type:  Consulting


  • We help you attain diversity and design interventions along an employee journey to support defined objectives of organizational and culture change.