Future organizations & ecosystems will continue to diversify

Your talent will come from increasingly different backgrounds and points of view that will need internal facilitation skills complemented by  third party facilitators to guide innovation & problem solving
Unitive can help you harness that diversity and channel it productively

Facilitating Sustainable Change:

Unitive has worked with business leaders from across the globe and in key verticals to define and facilitate major business initiatives. As sustainable change experts we focus on the ‘People and Organizational’ side of your business change.


Facilitating Change Offerings Catalog

Mode/Type: Consulting


  • Assessing the capability of your leaders/project managers to manage Change and the current state of the application of a OCM in your org

Mode/Type: Consulting


  • Undertaking an initial OCM planning of a proposed change / scaling up of an existing program to determine its scope, impact & challenges

Mode/Type:  Consulting


  • Preparing organisational leaders to manage those who are creating and driving change and successfully fulfilling their role as a Sponsor

Mode/Type:  Training


  • Capability development/coaching in the foundational aspects of Organisational Change Management (OCM)  

Mode/Type: Contract


  • Undertaking the role of a OCM Manager in managing OCM accountabilities of a total project or part thereof

Mode/Type: Consulting/Workshop


  • Engaging various groups/stakeholders in understanding the change, impact on them 

Mode/Type:  Workshop


  • Surfacing and resolving resistance while increasing commitment to the change through engagement and dialogue

Mode/Type:  Learning Curricula (F2F & Virtual)


  • Develop skills as a facilitator from foundation through to mastery